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New Gift Box!

New and Limited “Leather and Lace” gift box that embraces both the feminine and the masculine, only 12 in stock

Have you seen the price of flowers? They’ll be dead in a week. What do you have for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Flowers are expensive and will be dead in a week. If delivered flowers are your thing, I have nothing against that, I actually love flowers, but…

If I spend over a hundred dollars on something, I want it to last more than a week! 

So....I made this box for the sort of folks that appreciate when something lasts!

Included is:

- a chocolate orange truffle (all food) lip balm

- a solid lotion in Calla Lily and Nag Champa

- a leather scented and leather bound candle

- Lace soap with matching body spray scented in Champagne, Wild Rose &  Persephone’s Kiss

- AND a sterling silver pendant with your choice of crystal; choose from:

- White Moonstone

- Amethyst

- Ruby Zoisite

- Rose quartz

-Lapis Lazuli

- Carnelian

Get yours now before they’re all gone <3       SHOP NOW!

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The candle in this box smelled amazing

Catherine Clarke

This leather and lace gift box is sick! So creative

Quentin Graves

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