Make A December Capricorn Special


Capricorns, we know you don't get a whole lot of time to feel special since you're born during the time when someone else was "famously" born and then the whole year starts over too. We're here to let you know we love you and to remind people who have you in their lives... we make amazing gifts for you!

a lit glass jar candle sits atop a light wooden trivet surrounded by tiny white fairy lights upon the candles label is a bear relaxing after a long day at the office in his bathrobe surrounded by succ

Capricorn, we truly do love you and all your sea goaty awesomeness. In case you DON'T know... that soap is scented in lemon yuzu and bergamot so it's something to definitely invigorate you on these longer nights. Topped with a chevron amethyst crystal, we want to make sure you feel special even though other holidays overshadow you. As someone who has a Capricorn born THREE DAYS before that other famous infant... I know how much stress there is to make Cappy's feel special and that their birthday isn't lumped in with that other holiday celebrating what's-his-face.

But to add onto that extra thing of holidays, I know it was mentioned before but I want to add more. 


If you want your house to smell like Apple Pie... we probably have a wax melt for that. If you want it to smell like the old descriptions of Yule parties... we definitely have a candle for that. And who doesn't like getting candles for gifts? They are incredible to receive and super easy to give. (Also... did you know that the best way to smell a candle while shopping in store is to smell the lid of the candle and not the actual wax part? Yep! Science rules when you look at that... try it the next time you're in a store or when you receive your ordered Yuletide candle... you'll thank me.)

Now back to our Yuletide Carols- I mean... candles. Right!

These candles are 8 ounces of amazing Yule fragrance. Black Currant, Anjou Pear, and Vetiver blend together to make the perfect scent of Yule. These coconut/soy blend wax candles burn cleaner than other candles so they're safer around pets. Still, you want to make sure that they aren't in the direct same place because smoke is still a thing and it's still bad... but these candles will fill your whole room with fragrance, not just right next to it. So... how about shopping for some amazing candles and home fragrance?

8oz Yuletide Candle


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Can’t go wrong with BoV! I’m gonna win this!

Quentin Graves

I’ve not tried the candles yet, but the wax melts are so good! BOV wax melts have such a nice scent to them with none of the nasty side affects I’ve had with other brands!


So creative and unique. I absolutely love this. We’re always learning. And I learn even more from you!

Quentin Graves

The Yule candle is an absolute favorite of my moms!! I got it for her birthday last and this year .

Catherine Clarke

Man you are always teaching me stuff! Smell the lid. Now I can look even more weird in the candle aisle!

April Ledet

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