Nighttime Never Smelled So Cool

High on the globe near the north pole, the air seems to always hold a bit of chill. Scandinavia, known nowadays as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, has always held onto that noticeable chill it seems. When thinking of the word Scandinavia, many think of the huge forests of pine, cedar, balsam, fir, and more evergreens that span expanses of land. Sometimes, those forests are coated in a beautiful fresh blanket of powdery snow. With the thought of the moonlight shimmering off the fallen crystals of ice and dancing under the aurora borealis, this soap came to life.


nordic nights soap


Scented to remind everyone of the Norse nights spent under the stars, this clean and crisp fragrance smells like freshly fallen snow. Colored with beautiful ethical micas to replicate the dark sky over the snow and trees, this soap is one that can be used year-round. This unisex fragrance with notes of juniper berry, vetiver, and sandalwood allows anyone using it to be brought back to the crisp clear nights under the stars when the Norse people would hang their laundry out to dry before the snow fell. Even with the laundry hanging inside the home, some of that snowfall would make its way into the home and into the clothes of the noble Vikings that looted the northern countries. (Yes. Viking was a job, not a people. They were like pirates.)

Many nights one could sit under the stars and see the beautiful constellations above. Lyra, the lyre; Perseus and the winking eye of Medusa; Hydra, the huge serpent that stretches across the sky much like Jörmungandr wraps around the world of Midgard; Ursa Major and Minor, the Little Bear holding the North Star in its tail; and so many more. Twinkling in the sky and casting light down onto the crisp powdery snow, the fresh and clean scent of the night is brought into a solid and tangible form with this soap. Glitter stars rest atop this soap to remind us all that we are nothing without the stars to guide us. Daily we see the sun and it guides our way through the day, at night we see the North Star, bringing us home to the North where Valhalla calls to us during battle.


white wolf


Nordic Nights was originally called “White Wolf” for one of the ferocious and protective creatures of the forest. But with our Grey Wolf gaining notoriety as Fenrir, it’s time we gave this soap its own identity. Nordic Nights is part of our signature line of soaps at Birds of Valhalla and you can purchase it here so you can find yourself on the clear, breezy night under the stars in the evergreen forest with brand new snow dancing around you in tiny whirlwinds through the trunks of the huge trees around you. As always you can shop this product right below this post! 

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Such a pure scent

Catherine Clarke

That scent really is unmatched

Quentin Graves

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