Norsestrology Aries-Thor Soap is Here!

The first Birds of Valhalla new Norsestrology soaps is finally sliced and unveiled.
Aries-Thor Crystal Soap

Aries-Thor Crystal Soap

An Epic Fusion of Scent and Mythology

In the year 2023, Birds of Valhalla (BOV), the renowned artisanal soap company, introduced their revamped Astrology series, beginning with the magnificent Norsestrology: Aries-Thor Crystal Soap.

This extraordinary creation fuses the mighty Norse gods and goddesses with Greek astrology, resulting in a soap that embodies the essence of Aries and the power of Thor.

The soap's captivating fragrance, Earth-Meets-Sky Fragrance Oil, transports users on a divine olfactory journey, while its premium ethical ingredients and stunning aesthetics make it a true masterpiece.

At the heart of Norsestrology: Aries-Thor Crystal Soap lies the Earth-Meets-Sky Fragrance Oil. Crafted with meticulous care, this fragrance oil is a testament to BOV's commitment to excellence. Patchouli, a beloved scent known for its earthy and grounding properties, takes on a transformative quality in this blend. Even those who typically shy away from patchouli will find themselves captivated by its unique charm.

The addition of bright grapefruit notes invigorates the fragrance, creating a harmonious balance between earthiness and citrusy freshness. Earth-Meets-Sky Fragrance Oil is a divine elixir that lingers on the skin, leaving behind a captivating and invigorating aura. Comparable to the renowned Lush® brand Rentless™, this fragrance oil is a testament to BOV's dedication to exceptional quality.

The Aries-Thor Crystal Soap is not only a sensory delight but also a visual feast. BOV takes pride in sourcing the finest ethical body-safe mica powders available in the USA, and the Aries-Thor Crystal Soap showcases their commitment to excellence. Each soap in the series is adorned with MadMicas' brand new "Uncharted" colors, a collection of vibrant hues that captivate the eye. These premium mica powders add a touch of luxury and opulence to the soap, further enhancing the overall bathing experience.

To accentuate the soap's celestial nature, each Aries-Thor Crystal Soap is crowned with a genuine metallic hematite. Hematite, known for its protective properties and association with Thor, adds a touch of mystique to the soap's design. As the soap rests in your hands, the hematite glimmers, infusing your bathing ritual with a sense of awe and wonder.

But the Aries-Thor Crystal Soap doesn't stop there. In homage to the mighty Thor and his connection to lightning and storms, the soap boasts a remarkable glow-in-the-dark element. When the lights dim, the soap emits a subtle ethereal glow, evoking the power and majesty of the Norse god himself. This enchanting feature elevates the bathing experience, creating an ambiance that transports you to the mythical realms of Asgard.

Each bar of Aries-Thor Crystal Soap is meticulously handcrafted with care, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. BOV's skilled artisans combine their expertise with the finest ingredients, resulting in a soap that nourishes and pampers the skin. The soap's rich and creamy lather cleanses gently, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

BOV's Norsestrology: Aries-Thor Crystal Soap is not just a soap; it's an embodiment of myth, astrology, and craftsmanship. It combines the power of Aries and the might of Thor, uniting celestial energies and earthly scents. With its captivating Earth-Meets-Sky Fragrance Oil, ethereal glow-in-the-dark feature, and luxurious aesthetics, this soap transcends the ordinary, transforming your daily bathing ritual into a truly extraordinary experience.

Embrace the power of the gods.

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Only the best for ARIES can’t wait to see what you do this year

Catherine Clarke

I can’t wait to get this one! But I’m also excited for the new Norse astrology soaps too. Great craftsmanship and skills.

Quentin Graves

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