This Guy is FUNNY.

Flock, I HAD to make sure you have seen this guy.

This is Brannon- he has made several hilarious and extremely funny videos about BOV and some other brand we won’t name here… and we love him so much we are in talks about having him make many more videos in 2024! 

We would love for you to show him some support with a follow, a word of encouragement and a like as he is just getting his pages rolling! Welcome him into the flock and let us know what video he could make next! 

Still Laughing; 

Deb, Your Loyal Lye-Ness

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Gave him a follow and like, such a funny dude! Glad to see BOV getting reviewed and promoted!


Funny dude. I hope he does more BOV stuff in the future

Catherine Clarke

Loved watching his videos on live with the BOV fam!

Kasie Drown

We love all the needs of Valhalla

Quentin Graves

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