Make Your Own Luck With Custom Soap & More

Each week, for the last few years on Thursdays at 9pm EST, you can watch Birds of Valhalla's live soapmaking online. This is a fun way to take a peek behind the scenes and virtually hang out with our CEO and intrepid crew. Plus, you can request custom soap orders that will be made live with an interactive audience! 

Last night, Thursday March 7th, the shop was hoppin', and we made several custom soaps and a custom 8 oz. candle. One highlight was Alicia's Emo Barbie handmade soap with swirls of purple, black, and fuchsia. We're also barely able to resist eating the custom Campfire Marshmallow candle we made for Victoria Rose. 

Do you have an idea for your perfect soap, candle, lotion, or body oil? Tune in next week and let us make it for you! Or you can always check out the Customs section on our site to place your order for the soaps and sundries of your dreams. You can even get multiple products made in your scents to match. The only catch is that customs can take more time than shipping items ready on the shelf and because each micro batch is made by hand, customs are not guaranteed to be consistent if you order the same thing again. Each batch will be slightly different. 

Some guidelines to order your very own custom; 

You can order anytime on the website as long as the custom you wish is available. (We often do not offer them during the busier times of the year.) 

Tell us a vision of what you want in the check out notes or select up to three fragrances/essential oils. 

Colors are not guaranteed and honestly, about half the soaps we make for customs turn brown. Yes, even if you add a ton of mica or activated charcoal, they will still turn brown. However, if your blend is not likely to brown, we will add up to 3 colors as well, you choose! 

Tune in to see your custom be made the following Thursday at 9pm EST on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, X or Tiktok. We stream to all these platforms. If we are backed up with orders, we may make your custom the following Thursday or even not live. Watching your custom be made is not guaranteed, but is often available. It's actually much faster to make them off of the live if time is of the essence and we don't want our customers waiting longer than they need to! 

Sometimes, as each blend is an experiment, it goes awry. In this case, we will make it again! 

Norse Normany Handmade Custom Soap
This custom blue and purple 1 lb. loaf of custom soap is scented with lavender and Caribbean teakwood, ordered by Alicia Lyons. Each custom soap or shampoo takes up to 6 weeks from order to delivery as soap must cure 3-4 weeks before use. 

No Guts, No Glory!

Did you catch our recent blog post exploring the history of Vikings in Ireland? One fascinating bit of trivia that is completely (not) true was that the Vikings used to hunt leprechauns! Capturing a leprechaun meant that the hunter would not only get their pot of gold, but also all of their luck and magic. In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, we present our limited edition Leprechaun Guts Sugared Pine & Patchouli Scrap Soap. The fragrance is reminiscent of joining a Viking hunting party and ranging through a mystic forest on a quest for gold and glory (and guts).

Be sure to order by Monday, March 11th if you want your leprechaun guts to arrive by St. Patrick's Day!

Leprechaun Guts Pine & Patchouli Scrap Soap

No leprechauns were harmed in the making of this product.

You can also find some new fragrances available for our super long-lasting Glass Skull Car Air Freshener Diffusers:

  • Thicket of Thorns: This blend of roses and cedar will transport you over the garden wall to new adventures.
  • Twilight Tropic: Can't wait for summertime? This fruity fragrance will make you feel like you're sipping a piña colada watching the sunset over the sea.

These new scents are in addition to a slew of other fantastic options, including Deadly Nightshade, The Kraken, and Honey Moon. Plus, you can also create your own custom blend to suit your every mood!

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These soaps smell amazing and clean my skin like no other soap has. Highly recommend


One day I’ll get a custom. I won’t know what to pick. I love the soap making lives. 😍

Vicky pochepko

might have to get a rose car freshener!!! love anything rose

Eliza G

Hi! I just wanted to come on here and tell you I love your style. I love watching your lives on TikTok. You’re so kind to make everyone feel included. You do absolutely beautiful work!


Customs are never let down we would have best success at anything had 3 color and 2 scent notes such as amber and ocean . So support BOV today you won’t regret it :)

Daniel Smith

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