Making Your Custom Soap with a Special Guest and Studio Update!

Hello, Flock! 

First and foremost, the strawberry with chocolate sauce soap just started shipping today! Everyone has been waiting for it to cure and it's finally ready! If you haven't gotten a bar, they are already have gone with no plans to make more as it's a limited soap! 

Get your The Strawberry and Chocolate Sauce Soap


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We also restocked the Go to Fuck Sleep Lavender Lemonade Soap and this time, it glows in the dark! We sold out in about two weeks on this one last time, so get yours now! 

We had a flocking good time on this week's live, Thursday 3/21 making custom soap, body oil rollers, and more! To add to the fun, we were joined by a special guest, friend of the flock Bevin Vinton. Plus she very graciously came bearing gifts to share her love and appreciation of the Birds of Valhalla community. Speaking of community, have you joined our Discord server yet?

Our guest of honor, Bevin!

This week we made some incredible customs, including soap loaves, lotions, and our Glass Skull Car Air Fresheners. A highlight of the evening was making two custom matching sets of soap loaves and body oil rollers for Ari. Specifically, the first was sandalwood, vanilla, and blood orange, and the second set was coffee and lavender, with a touch of caramel.

Sound delicious? We've made it even easier to order the custom soap, air freshener, candle, lotion, or oil roller of your dreams- check it out!

Make sure you tune in each week on Thursdays at 9 pm EST to stay up to date with all the fun and excitement going on here at the soap studio! In addition, TONIGHT, Friday March 22nd, we are incredibly excited to announce that our CEO Debra Glaze will be live on Scent Adventure! Tune in on YouTube at 8:30 pm to catch this interview, where Debra plans to share about the origins of Birds of Valhalla, the challenges of being a creative and a soap maker, and how she continues to rise above adversity on the wings of a raven! If you missed the interview, it should be viewable on youtube. Feel free to drop a comment or question or a like, we appreciate your support! 

Tune in TONIGHT, March 22nd, at 8:30 pm- We need all of your support!

New This Week!

We created a new Glass Skull Car Air Freshener in honor of Bevin called "Luna Moth." This fresh and sensual fragrance is a floral and fruit blend that includes lily, pomegranate, grape, and amber. These are a limited edition, so make sure to snag yours right away, before they vanish in the moonlight!

If you're anything like us, you're not a morning person. Our new Caw-fee Glass Skull Car Air Freshener smells just like the real thing, minus the caffeine jitters!

Finally, we've been trying out a completely new product: Vanilla Crunch Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub! This exquisite exfoliating scrub has a light vanilla fragrance that will leave you smelling good enough to eat! 

Lastly, we're very excited to announce that our very first deodorant is in the works, and will soon be available in Sandalwood Vanilla!

It's Back, Witches!

Made with a nourishing and refreshing blend of natural ingredients, including witch hazel, olive oil, and real honey, it's no wonder Witch's Brew Facial Soap keeps selling out! We finally have it back in stock, and it's ideal to rejuvenate oily or sensitive skin.

Remember that we will be doing a random drawing for $50 in Birds of Valhalla store credit! To enter, simply comment on this post- only one comment necessary, extra comments do not count as extra entries. (Prize money is not for use on live events, customs, or claims.)

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Can’t wait for the deodorant.


I enjoy watching your posts.

Aileen Crisonino

Watching your videos is so satisfying. I feel like I can smell your soaps through my phone. Keep up the awesome work!

Kristi Grogan

Love the coffee with the Raven! I’m always a fan of a pun on words.

Elizabeth Ann Winslow Larson

Busy, busy Debra!! All these new and beautiful items w works of a deoderant!! That is so great Deb. Can almost see those wheels churning out those new ideas. I love Bevins label and soap. She was so fun while there. Good to place face w name.
I wish you and all your great hand picked flock, the best!! You deserve!!


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