Spice Up the Variety!


Spice Up the Variety! 

Everyone loves when you can try a lot of things for a little bit of money. It’s why those companies who make variety boxes of makeup, perfume, or foods make so much money. People love when we feel like we’re getting a deal. And make no mistake, we have our own deals here at Birds of Valhalla. A Variety Pack is something that not many soap makers will make due to the fact the bars all have to be made individually and cut to shapes and it’s a lot of work! We don’t just use our odds and ends or scraps in these variety tins. Each bar is cut with intention so the box looks as good as it smells.


Our Variety Pack is one of our best sellers because it’s one of a kind! We offer a solid cologne and a full lip balm with our variety pack. Plus, you get samples of each of our signature scents! How cool is that? You get to smell our signature line for one price and you get to try them without committing to a whole bar that can last around a month. These samples will last you a couple of showers so you can see how well you like the scents and how they do with your skin and hair. 


Now that you’ve heard about the pack, this is to tell you how this has been updated and given a facelift. As stated above, you’ll get a sample of our solid shampoo now so you can see how well it will treat your hair. You’ll also get a sample of our facial bar to test out before you decide on getting that for yourself too. You’ll still get all of our signature scents, however a few of the scents are changing. Now why don’t I tell you about our line-up in the boxes?

First up in the variety pack is Nordic Night. This soap swirled in blue, black, and white topped with little star shaped glitter pieces shows what the crisp, cool, clear nights look like above our Norse countries. The fragrance, fresh clean snow, helps put the user in the winter nights as moonlight glistens on the sparkling crystals of the freshly fallen snow. Powder blows around as the breeze lazily sweeps past, kicking up the cool ice, giving off that crisp, clean scent. And while glitter may get everywhere, this special glitter is sure to make a stellar impression. This clean fragrance is amazing all year round and for anyone who wants to be reminded of the beautiful, snowy nights in the forest.


A staple myth in the Norse tradition is of Fenrir, the wolf that assists with Ragnarok. Chained down by dwarven metals forged to be stronger than anything known to man but light enough to be held easily, Fenrir is chained to a rock until the end of days. When Ragnarok comes, he will be unleashed upon all the gods, fighting Odin and swallowing him. It’s only fitting that such a majestic creature gets a majestic scent. Fenrir is strong and earthy just like the Sandalwood and vanilla blend in this soap. Grays and beiges swirl with white and black to appear as the fur of a gray wolf keeping warm in the arctic winters of the Scandinavian wilderness.


To fight Fenrir and other invaders, the armies need their strongest warriors. The Shieldmaidens stand firm at the forefront of the battle, ready to fight alongside the men of their villages. Marked with black colorations to hide their faces and stained with the blood of their enemies, the shield maiden solid shampoo presents a vision of that strong woman, yelling a warcry to defend what is rightfully hers. The signature scent of lingonberry and spices permeates the nostrils and brings the user to that scene, watching the fierce women of the village stand strong and fight for what they desire to protect. Lingonberry is known throughout the world as being traditional in the Scandinavian countries, transporting the user to the woodsy coasts of Sweden and Norway while the spices bring to mind the spiced fermented honey drink known around the world as mead.


The bird most notable in Norse mythology is tied to Odin, the Raven. It makes sense to have Huginn and Muninn represented as Thought and Memory are things everyone has and keeps. The thought of the business is what we want you to focus on as you use this soap made with activated charcoal and scented in tea tree and citrus. This soap has been said to be a blacksmith’s dream, cleaning the soot and grime from the forge away. It seems the dwarves of Nidavellir may come to grab some bars to cleanse themselves from the reminders of the forge. The bright scent of citrus brings a note of freshness to add to the cleansing properties of the soap.


Orange, Cinnamon, and Clove spice their way into the lineup with the cleansing assortment of Bjorn’s Brew. Oranges, browns, and cream colors swirl into the soap, looking like a spiced orange ale with foam. The Vikings were at the top of their game when it came to fermenting their beverages, passing down the tradition to each generation. Orange brightens the dark sultry notes of the cinnamon and clove, giving that blend of fresh and spicy.


Yggdrasil, the World Tree, stands tall in this assortment of signature scents. This soap, inspired by the majestic World Tree, gives the green leaves from the branches and the black of the dragon in its roots swirling together with the scent of evergreen pine, reminding us of the forests of Scandinavia. The citrusy and spicy aroma as you wash your skin bubbles up from the cypress needles of the tree. Finally, the earthy, peppery notes of bayberry come through to round out the fragrance and give us a new look at the World Tree. Colored with activated charcoal and ethical micas, the soap swirls and mixes together, sometimes drawing patterns like the leaves of trees around the world. Much like the leaf patterns, each one is different and the handmade bars of soap are never the exact same: different every single time. This soap is a fragrance that can be enjoyed by men and women, a unisex smell that is sure to make you feel like you’re on a walk through the forest searching for that glimpse of Yggdrasil in the heavens.


From the far-reaching branches of the World Tree, the depths of the ocean call with a curious lure. Today we know more about what is above us in the heavens than what is below us in the seas. Myths and legends born of sea creatures attacking vessels and drowning sailors are as old as ocean travel. The one that stands the clearest is the beast the kraken. Made popular by a certain movie franchise dealing with pirates in a tropical getaway, the beastly pet of Davy Jones was said to have suction cups that could suck your face clean off. Luckily, our kraken doesn’t have that ability. With the smell of the wood from ships the beast has wrecked, bergamot from the perfumes transported from Italy, black tea from Britain, and leather goods from Scandinavia this monstrous bar reminds us of what sailors lost when they brought back the stories of this oceanic menace. Colored with ethical micas to represent the ocean's waves and depths, this soap brings the historical beast of myth and literature right to your home. If there are bubbles in the water, there may be a beast lurking beneath you. So beware as the bubbles, scent, and foam of your soap may call to the Kraken of old to bring you to the sea so you can meet this legend right in your imagination from your shower.


Honey has been part of the world since ancient times. The Egyptians started with fermenting the golden elixir and passed their knowledge to travelers that came through to trade. The beverage soon called mead was made exclusively by women as was ale because the female body was said to have a connection to the yeast used to ferment. The brewers were said to hold the magic in their bones as they made this divine beverage. The golden liquid flows freely in Valhalla, the realm that warriors are taken to when they die in battle. Mead is meant for celebration and revelry. Our honey soap with oats inside is natural in color but has some extra things outside of the rest of the soaps. Oats are said to aid in the nourishment of the skin and the honey adds deep moisturizing. Each ingredient provides gentle exfoliation to rid you of that itchy, flaky layer of skin to show off the silky, smooth, and nourished skin beneath. After a few washes with this, you will be the bees knees and the talk of the hive.


Jormungandr, the World Serpent, child of Loki is so giant he wraps himself around Midgard, swallowing his own tail. This soap is made in a special mold to give a scaly pattern around it. Beautiful colors swirl inside while the outside is brushed with beautiful ethical mica powders to give the appearance of a serpent’s glossy scales. The nag champa, scented with warm amber and hints of rose and lily of the valley, sandalwood, patchouli, dark musk, and woody violet make the Midgard Serpent grounded and down to Earth. Sure, it’s said to be a hippie incense scent, but when it’s blended together with bright citrus blood orange, the fragrance blossoms into complexities that boggle the mind and entrance the senses. Midgard Serpent has been said to make people who don’t necessarily like nag champa change their minds. 


While having a soap that does everything all in one bar, sometimes it’s nice to have a dedicated facial bar. This pack will include a sample of our signature facial bar. The fragrance is neroli and white jasmine, something to remind you of a Witch’s Brew. This facial bar is made with witch hazel and is supposed to help cleanse your face, but we can’t say that it will. You should try it and decide for yourself.


Everyone loves a little surprise right? This pack also has a solid cologne included. Made from beeswax and in a little slider tin, you can get one of an assortment of scents. From any of the fragrances listed in the variety pack to Before the Raid in cedar, saffron, and black violet or Black Sea with vanilla and cardamom, you can’t go wrong with a solid cologne to extend your fragrance pleasure. Put it in your hair, on your clothes, or in the perfume spots on your body (spots that have the most heat) and it will draw the attention of people around you. You want people to look your way, walk around wearing one of these amazing colognes.


No one is complete without a lip balm somewhere on their person. Carrying around two or three lip balms is commonplace nowadays and you know that chapped lips are a horrible thing to be caught with. Now the labels on those lip balms tend to have some really long words that don’t look anything like they sound when they are spoken. But having a natural lip balm that’s food based and you can pronounce all the ingredients sounds pretty good right? Made with cocoa butter, beeswax, and avocado oil this lip balm is something you could eat. Doesn’t that sound nice? But we suggest putting it on your lips rather than in your mouth.


So why don’t you get your new variety pack here? It makes for a great stocking stuffer.


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The perfect gift and travel set !

Catherine Clarke

The variety pack at Christmas was a big hit! Great job and thank you! People asked about your products at our Christmas party. That I just started handing out your cards.

Quentin Graves

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