We Dish You a Happy Thanksgiving!

New Resin Soap Dishes!

When you dish upon a star, we'll offer a new kind of soap dish... maybe.

Our soaps are expensive, so we want to help you make your bars last as long as possible!

Yes, we are TERRIBLE salespeople.

You being able to enjoy our products to the last drop is very important to us. We want our relaxing showers together to be memorable for all the right reasons. We definitely don't want you to remember it because your beautiful bar of Bulgarian Rose sat in a puddle and became slimy and mushy!

ridged green soap dish inside black rectangular dish on wooden table

All of our resin soap saver soap dishes come with a catch tray. Why? So that you don't have to keep it INSIDE of your shower! This way if your household is large and your shower is busy, the steamy humidity and splashing from your family doesn't deplete YOUR luscious bar of Norse Normandy!

You work hard to pay for this soap. It doesn't grow on trees!(yet, we're...experimenting) It is your special treat. We know you gave them their own bars that they're either hoarding away or already used or lost somehow.


These amazing dishes come in purple or green and for a limited time they're $5 off! So buy one of each color and decide which to keep and which to gift, easy peasy. Keep that soap dry between uses and she'll be there for you for a very long time!

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Deb we need those tile soap dishes back! I’m gonna win!

Quentin Graves

Silly as it sounds I never knew helping bar soap dry out between uses would lengthen it’s lifespan! I definitely need to buy one next time I order some soap!


I love my soap dishes, I have the resin tiles and the more expensive ones. They totally save my soap!

Quentin Graves

If my shower didn’t already have a built in soap dish I would grab this in a heartbeat

Catherine Clarke

Love my soap resin dish, its a gorgeous color and keeps my soap dry.

Kasie Drown

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