Who Doesn't Want to Have Dragon's Breath?!

So, we see how you guys became pretty obsessed with the car air freshener diffuser skulls, as we sold over 2000 this past Fall and it got us thinking we need to provide more ways to have the good stink all over the place. Like our long houses, our work places, our sock drawers and maybe even a bathroom or two. 

So, we MIGHT have some custom home diffusers in the works that would MAYBE present themselves in early 2024... but for now, we have a few tricks up our sleeves! We have here our new Dragon's Breathe Diffuser, which I kid you not- needs all but 3 individual *Drops* of BOV fragrance to scent the hecc out of your room. Did we mention it's also moisturizing for the skin in the cold, dry winter? It can be orange or blue at a touch of a button. It comes with a remote and 1 oz of your chosen BOV fragrance. 

This thing does spit and gurgle steamy, misty moody water so place it on a water safe surface or large platter/plate. It will have some condensation around the perimeter. 

The perfect mood light, scent maker and moisturizer? You better hurry as last we checked, we are already struggling to keep them on the shelves. Here it is... if we still have any! https://www.birdsofvalhalla.com/products/dragons-breath-diffuser-with-bov-scent-potion-bottles?_pos=3&_sid=5944ba92d&_ss=r


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Best diffuser ever. The BLOG KING IS GONNA WIN!

Quentin Graves

I love my diffuser. I originally got it for a Christmas present for my daughter. I had mentioned, if she could not use it at the time, I will keep it. Unfortunately, she claimed it today. Maybe I will find another one. Yours, I love it! It was the right size, it fit perfectly for a small space and it amused my cats! Wish I could find them in your store!

Joanne Luppe

This is such a neat looking diffusor! Can’t wait to see what other diffusors you guys have in the works!


This is the coolest diffuser ever!

Kasie Drown

The coolest diffuser with the greatest scent. Can’t wait to use this !!


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