You Better Not Pout. You Better Not Cry.

And I’m telling you why… Jolly Old St. Nicholas won’t be the only visitor coming around during this holiday season. We all know about Santa and his whole thing of bringing gifts to good children. He makes a Nice list and a Naughty list… but what happens to the Naughty children? Sure they get coal, but they also get visited by someone else. 



Krampus, the son of Hel Lokadottir, was horned and beastly. Traveling with St. Nicholas, he would punish the naughty children with his switch. While Santa, based on Odin, gave gifts and sweets to the nice children, Krampus would beat the naughty children with his switch and sometimes even take them away to his lair. The little creature became synonymous with naughty children that it was even said he would eat the children he took because they were so rotten. Krampusnacht, or Krampus Night, was celebrated December 5th or 6th when St. Nicholas would visit. You see, Santa didn’t always come on December 24th in the middle of the night.



So to appease the mischievous spirit of Krampus, our amazing CEO made a whole fragrance just for him. To keep warm during the Nordic winter nights, wassail, a spiced and mulled apple cider drink, would be said to possibly warm Krampus’s heart enough to keep him from taking the misbehaving children back to his lair. Spices of clove and cinnamon banish the negative energy he brings, and the lingering aroma of pine in this blend reminds us of the switch he carries to swat at children who aren’t on the Nice list. With a hint of hot chili and sweet orange, it shows the duality of the season with Saint Nicholas and Krampus traveling together to reward and punish.



With original artwork made by our Creative Director here at Birds of Valhalla, this soap, candle, and lotion are something even the spirit would want. Our natural soap is colored with ethical mica powders in shades of orange and black with activated charcoal. Krampus himself wouldn’t turn away this gift of complex scents and self-care. Our Krampus Box has an eight ounce candle, six ounce bar of soap, four ounce bottle of lotion, and a solid fragrance in a black tin for $100. But remember, be naughty, and you may find yourself on the list to get a visit from Krampus instead.

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Krampus was always my favorite as a kis

Catherine Clarke

Krampus is so creepy. But the Krampus products from BOV is sweet and amazing. Complex and unique notes and scents great fun color. Ethical and economical ingredients. Made for sensitive skin. You just can’t beat it

Quentin Graves

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