Rune Decoder


ᚠ (F) Fehu; Cattle

Cattle/Wealth, Money

The happiness to live your own way, free.

Focus on your financial stability.

ᛇ (Ei) Eihwaz, The Yew Tree

Loyalty in Love and Friendship, New Beginnings

Like the “Death,” card in tarot, this rune never foretells 

death but unwelcome & inevitable ending for a new beginning.

 (U) Uruz; Huge Wild Oxen

Wild Ox, Strength of will, Courage

Do not fear, sometimes obstacles are within. 

Find courage to push forward; persist.

 (P) Perthro; The Gambling Cup

Chance, Good Luck, Self Assurance

Ancient Warriors tested their luck. Take a chance and be 

assured- this is a lucky time for you. 

 (Th) Thurisaz; Thor’s Hammer

Foreshadowing, danger, suffering

Be careful of your path, danger lies in wait.

Listen to your intuition and stay clear of harm. 

 (Z) Algiz; The Elk or Eel-grass

Fearless Resolve, Altruism; Financial Stability 

Opportunity knocks. Finally after a long spell. Fight for what you
want to achieve, stay focused. 

 (A) Ansuz; Odin

Voice of universe, Communication

Positivity for your dreams and ambitions. 

Be sure to make your path clear, don’t get in your own way. 

 (S) Sowilo; The Sun

Self Confidence, Health &  Happiness

A very positive rune! Achievement, great success and 

even sometimes travel opportunities! 

 (R) Raidho; Riding, Wagon Wheel

Work, Growth, Present time

Time to take action, even if it means taking the harder path, 

a bigger adventure is waiting for you.

 (T) Tiwaz; The Pole or Guiding Star

The hard path. Justice, Truth, Sacrifice 

Reward for justice and truth to oneself.

Improvement of health and beneficial creativity.

 (K) Kenaz; The Torch

Fire, Inspiration, Inner insight

Trust your intuition. Resolution of past trauma. Inspiration can

fulfill your dreams. Rekindle the passion in your love life.

 (B) Berkano; The Birch Tree

Renewal, Healing, Spiritual Progress, Mother, Fertility

Associated with a Norse Earth Goddess who cares for 

mothers & children.Rebirth, New Start. 

 (G) Gebo; The Gift

Gift, Balance

In a relationship be sure to treat each other as a gift &

not for granted. You teach people how to treat you.

 (E) Ehwaz; The Horse

Harmonious Relationships, Balance, Growth

Expansion of horizons, finding balance in relationships in life/work.

Avoid power struggles & drama. 

 (W) Wunjo; Joy

Personal Happiness

Seek personal happiness by setting healthy boundaries & 

developing your interests and skills. Self love and success.  

 (M) Mannaz; Mankind

Strengths & Weaknesses, Equality, Learning

Do not blame others for your weaknesses, acknowledge them

but also your innate strengths. 

 (H) Hagalaz; The Ice Seed

Destructive and Creative forces

Temporary disruption or an unwelcome change 

that will bring a positive long term result. 

 (L) Laguz; Water, The Sea

Risks, Unexpected Opportunity, Intuition 

This rune represents Longships and the adventure possible 

in dangerous, but profitable endeavors. 

 (N) Naudhiz; Festival Fire, Our Needs

Celebration of Self-Made Success, Love Magic

You have worked very hard, often alone- to achieve 

your success in life and love. 

 (Ng) Ingwaz; The Fertility God

Initiation, Creativity, Fertility- especially Male, Patience

Patience will pay dividends. Take the conventional route this time. 

Male fertility & birth. 

ᛁ (I) Isa; Ice

Caution, slow progress, reconciliation 

You may feel like a scapegoat, that’s not healthy & fear 

can bind you. Create healthy boundaries to move forward. 

 (D) Dagaz; The Awakening 

The light at the end of the tunnel

A very exciting, positive rune for your health or a loved one,

a rebirth at work, or a stroke of good luck. 

ᛃ (J) Jera; The Harvest

Fertility, Children, Reward or Bonus

The rune of a fruitful year and a good harvest from 

hard work and well cared for seeds. Enjoy the fruits of your Labor!

 (O) Othala; the Homestead

Property Matters, Financial & Emotional Stability

A great time to buy/sell property or even make renovations. 

Spending time with loved ones at home.