Stay Vibrant! Stay Bright!

Make the New Year Brighter!

You're packing away the candy-colored baubles, vivid stockings, and sparkly ornaments. It can feel dreary and cold after they're back in storage. Even if you don't celebrate the holiday season yourself, the color drains away from our outside spaces. Warm, twinkling lights are replaced with darkness once again and we begin longing for Springtime far too soon.

Well, not in our house, and not in your house either! We refuse to shrink into the darkness (though, no disrespect to the darkness, love you too), we want our bright weirdo lights to keep shining on through!
Bright colors and vibrant scents, a pick-me-up for your mood and your skin!

Does patchouli intoxicate your imagination as it does ours? Just taking a slow, deep sniff of Bifrost is enough to take us far away from our worries if only until we exhale. Luci in the Sky with Diamonds does the same but brings you someplace warmer with its juicy notes of orange and apple dancing the samba with patchouli and rose!
If you're looking for warmth, Midgard's Serpent will wrap you in its deep Nag Champa and sweet blood orange blend, while Shield Maiden will stay by your side with tart lingonberry and sexy spice.

Ragnar will seek vengeance against the harsh dry winter air for what it's doing to your skin! He used to only be on duty in the summer until our friends in colder climates told us just how hard he works in the winter too! Our colorful Dragons Eggs brighten up any sink, from the kitchen to the guest bathroom to the laundry room. Bonus, of course, they smell amazing, as will any room they rest in.
Remember friends, when you can't see the light, you ARE the light!
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Oh my, the more I read, now I’m thinking I may need to also try Ragnar. I’m definitely going to have make a list. I’m addicted and haven’t even tried them yet 🥰.

Angela Snodgrass

As I’ve got older, my skin stays dried out no matter how much I moisture. Upon reading your blogs, reviews, and ingredients you use, I truly believe your soap will help bring my skin back to life. And with Patchouli and rose being 2 of my favorite scents. Luci in the sky with diamonds just sounds like it smells so refreshing

Angela Snodgrass

I am not a patchouli fan in the least. My kids on the other hand adore it

Sassie Jarvis

Shine bright light a dragon 🐉this year all it’s the dragons time to shine!

Talissa Wilson

I’m gonna win

Quentin Graves

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