We All Find the Bear Inside

One of the strongest animals in the world is one many can find in their own backyard. An entire movie from one of the big companies focused on a young woman changing her fate from her mother’s overBEARing nature. It is indeed a bear. From being huge in stature and strength of bite, these creatures are known to be imposing figures. These creatures were respected by many cultures, including the Norsemen and women.


bjorns brew


If you’ve ever heard the term “berserk” you know it is when someone just loses control and goes into a frenzy. Back when the Vikings sailed the seas and the Nords spread far and wide, they came across the bear and found it to be a powerful adversary. The spirit of the bear protecting its home and cubs was something the Nords admired for they knew the strength it took to defend from raiders and pillagers. These powerful warriors would call upon the bear spirit, asking for the strength of the mighty bear to empower them thus becoming “Berserkers”. This title came from shortening the words for “bear shirt” as the fighters went into their frenzied state and ran amok.

The Swedish word for “bear” is “björn” so it’s only fitting that the natural soap made here at Birds of Valhalla, meant to inspire and strengthen the spirit, be called Björn’s Brew. Björn is the name of a legendary Norse Viking Chief and Swedish king. Royalty always had access to the finest things available. Some of those things were spices and fruits. Bright orange blooms in this soap as the clove and cinnamon burst forth with every wash. Just add warm water and this soap will have you feeling as though you have a mug of warm mulled wine in your hands. Many believe in other properties of certain things. Orange, clove, and cinnamon are all said to attract love into your life. Giving this soap as a gift can increase your bond of friendship, not just by giving a gift that’s handmade and is something useful, but its ingredients also point to it.



If you need the bear in your life, to find your own strength inside, Björn’s Brew is a seasonal soap. You can find it here at Birds of Valhalla while it lasts. There won’t be much more made this year. Get your hands on a few while they’re still around. Find the bear inside, change your fate, and go… berserk.

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This is a great fall scent soap

Catherine Clarke

How awesome! I love it

Quentin Graves

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