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The New Year has come and the old year is fading fast. For some, it couldn’t be gone fast enough. For others, it could linger a little bit and things would be fine. But at Birds of Valhalla, it’s time for some fresh, new insights. With orders picking up during the first few days of the new year, it’s high time to explain what’s to come, what has been hidden away under all the products people love, and where you can buy from the store.

First, let’s discuss something that we’ve talked about before, but with a twist. It’s been mentioned previously on this blog that Birds of Valhalla is in the top tier of reviews on Judge.me but that’s not enough for the business. Some of the customers have been shopping with the business for three years and it’s time they’re recognized. So, the CEO has determined these Shining Stars of the Flock are going to have a Spotlight Segment all about them. This means they will get to share some items they love, explain why they keep coming back, and get to share their items with you. When these spotlights go on, you’ll be able to shop just like they do, and get a discount code relevant for the items in the post. These Spotlight Segments will be chosen from reviews that are posted on products on the website. If you might want to be a Spotlight, grab some items and leave your honest review on the site.

But speaking of buying things, if you go to Birds of Valhalla’s webstore, you’ll notice that it’s not as full as what’s been mentioned previously. Well, with the holidays and needing to catch up on product production as well as just resting, the CEO and staff of Birds of Valhalla have slimmed down the products on the website for you to shop from. I know, it’s frustrating and you want certain things. Well lucky for you, there’s another site you can purchase these items and more from. Etsy, the site most known as the creative person’s craft show, has pretty much everything you could need. The Birds of Valhalla Etsy shop has most of the natural food-based soaps (some are sold out), some decorative blades that are hand forged, soap dishes that are handmade by another small business, books, rune sets, candles, lip balms, and more! You can’t go wrong by shopping on Etsy. It’s the same products from the online website and it’s actually where the business was born.

Now it’s time to discuss some hidden gems on the website. During this time of year, most everyone we know is buying lip balms with chemicals that can barely be pronounced by the normal person walking around in a pharmacy for chapped lips. If you happen to be someone who wants to make sure you know everything that’s being put into your body, then this lip balm is the best thing for you. With no harsh chemicals, no ingredients you can’t pronounce, you can rest assured that the lip balm you buy from Birds of Valhalla will assist with the chapped lips and is all natural and food based. This small business cares about the stuff that goes in and on your body. It’s time for you to make your own decision. Drop on by the Etsy shop or even the main website and grab some Valentine’s gifts. A decorative blade that is sharp and hand made, a soap to clean the skin that’s also made by hand, or even a lip balm to soothe the chapped lips. Once you’ve made your purchases and used the items, be sure to leave your review on the product in question. If you do, you might be able to be a star on our mailing list and share your experience with the masses. The time is now, go shopping and “Treat Yo’Self”.

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Great brand . Great prices . Great people

Catherine Clarke

I love the brand, site, and products. Everytime I’m shopping BOV, I’m really treating myself. I can’t find this here in Northern California!

Quentin Graves

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