You Have in Your Hands... "The Black Box."

Welcome to Valhalla!

You have in your hand a unique collection of chef-made, food-based skin care products made in New York. Each of these scented soaps are made with olive oil, coconut oil and the most premium fragrances and essential oils on the market. Your pack contains 12 products total, 10 of our most popular body and face soaps, a randomly selected solid scent  and an all-food lip balm, our second best seller. 

What makes this so special?

You have been gifted the premium in natural soap and more from an ethical business with a five-star reputation for customer service. You are now part of the journey of one of the fastest growing soap businesses in the US. We are making waves online and turning the soap business on it’s head with our customer forward business and loyal following, especially on our lives where we make custom creations and interact with our followers directly! 

This pack is intended to be a trial, small pieces and lots of variety to test out what scents and products work for you. We sell far more than what is in this box, like lotions, bath bombs, candles, wax melts, gift boxes, crystals and jewelry. We are known for our exceptional astrology soaps and gifts. Our products are created for everyone, an unusual trait in our industry. Each month, we offer a limited number of custom creations like solid shampoo, soaps, candles, melts and more. 

Tips about your items:

The Raven (the black soap) is great for use on your face and hair as well as body. To use the solid fragrance, just apply it a few times a day to your hair and or wrists. Due to the natural make up of the product, unlike alcohol based perfumes or colognes, it is much more of a subtle scent, which is often perfect for those who cannot wear traditional scents. The natural recipe (beeswax and grapeseed oil) means you may need to apply it a few times a day to get your desired scent level. If this scent is not for you, please note we have over a dozen others matching the soaps in your tin! To make your soaps last the longest they can, keep them out of moisture between uses. We really do use the most premium ingredients on the market and your skin should feel better than ever, some people even need less lotion and other products that they were using to negate the effects on their skin due to their use of detergent-based soap and body wash.
We hope to see you around soon and hear your feedback! We have lots of exciting changes for 2024 and we let our customers do much of the driving! Thank you for your time and your willingness to try our creations, we are honored to be a part of your day! 
Debora Glaze, 
CEO of Birds of Valhalla

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