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Pain Relief Black Tie Body Lotion

Pain Relief Black Tie Body Lotion

The thicker, creamier version you’ve been asking for chapped, windswept faces, hands, cracked knees, and elbows. 

We may be famous for our soap... but it's our lip balm and lotion that get people hooked!

Same great formula as our regular lotion, but with a little something extra. Legal in all 50 states.

Our Lotions are:

Made with food-based oils, based in grapeseed! 

If you’ve ever tried handmade lotion, you know the difference it can make to your appearance and the way your skin feels. This smooths on dry skin like butter, leaving you shimmering.
Your skin will drink the lotion up slowly, leaving your skin baby soft. This is not like store-bought lotion with all the chemicals; especially the multiple heavy preservatives. You could let store-bought lotion sit in your drawer for years and it’ll basically be unchanged - it’s like the white bread of the skincare world! Our skin is extremely porous and I wanted to create a natural lotion with only a few simple ingredients that is good for even the most sensitive skin.


Shelf Life:

Our handmade lotion is made of high-quality food ingredients, which means it will spoil eventually. The product does contain germ-all at 1-2%, which is a natural anti-microbial so that bacteria doesn’t grow in the lotion. This preservative helps the lotion last 4-6 months when without it, it only lasts 2 weeks. We recommend purchasing this lotion 2-3x a year and refrigerating it if you aren’t ready to use it yet to prolong its life even more! 

Tip: keep your natural lotions in the fridge always for a cooling experience in summer.

For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes.


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Sunflower or Grapeseed oil, E vegetable wax, Preservatives derived from beet root, distilled water and fragrance.

Vegan Friendly

This product contains COCONUT & LATEX

Nut Free

This product contains no nut oils or derivitives of nut oils. Please be mindful of your fragrance choise for other potential allergens.

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