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Soap Sample Live Box Randomly Selected

Soap Sample Live Box Randomly Selected

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Also called affectionately called "Stuff a Box", order and watch live as we stuff your box with random soap samples. You get what you get with this box- it's random! If you want our predictable samples, be sure to check out our best selling variety box! 

You may even get some lip balms, fragrance tins and random tumbles.

Giant boxes get full sized bars of soap, and sometimes candles or wax melts ((we like to ask you your sign and try to give you one of those)).

All samples are chosen randomly, however, if you have a sensitivity to a certain scent or are unsure of breast milk soaps, you can mention it in the notes at check out and we will do our best to accommodate you.

No matter what you get, you're going to love it!

These are always available, even if we're not doing a Live Sample Box. Boxes purchased outside a live will still be filled and shipped. If you would like to see it done live, leave a comment in check out and we'll fill the order on our next Sample Box Live.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Chandra C.
Great Value!

I loved my medium box! I got a great variety of scents and products. The hazelnut latte chapstick is my new favorite chapstick for work and I'm looking forward to trying the shampoo bars!

I am so glad you like them! (The hazelnut latte is also my favorite!). Let us know if you have any ideas for future products or need any assistance in teh future!

Tonya Withers
Oooo this did not disappoint!

This box was full of goodies! I love it!

Mine mine mine

It was hard to keep the other people who live in this house to keep their grubby paws off of the soap!! I barely escaped with my life! I had to give up both a soap sample and the bacon bacon lip balm to the preteen who declared it doth “taste just like bacon”. I honestly snort these because the scents are so amazing which I guess means I’ll need to get some solid perfume (I drool over the refillable case) or some air freshener or a candle or or or. This is my second order from BoV. I last had a “good soap maker” a few decades back. Which means BoV has to stay in business until I die so I can have all the best stuff.

Awesome experience

First time purchasing from a YouTube live but man that was amazing. I got to watch Jade pack my order and it was packed full of all sorts of stuff. I received 20 sample bars (body soap, hand soap, face soap, and shampoo) 2 lip balms, a solid cologne, and a 3d printed cat skull. I wish I could post pictures here. The variety is great. I've only tried 2 of the soaps, so far "Before the raid" is my favorite. I loved this experience and I will probably never purchase store bought bottled soaps again.

Michele Muir
Love It!!

I love your products!! Everything was as described and the scents are perfect! Thank you so much !!