Nordic Night Lights

With January underway, the season that seems to bring people down is in full swing. It’s times like these that many people wish that there was more color in the world. However, there’s a beauty to the snowy fields and forests that few people get to see this time of year. The crisp, fresh fallen snow glitters under the sunlight and moonglow as it blankets the landscapes. The crystalline blanket of snowflakes reflects the world above it, allowing the beautiful blue of a clear sky to tint it ever so slightly. That beauty is almost magnified at night as the snow seems to glitter and glimmer like the twinkling stars above. How beautiful of a picture is that?



If you know, there has already been a post about the signature soap Nordic Nights, but if you don’t know, let me tell you all about this natural and handmade soap. Scented to remind everyone of the Norse nights spent under the stars, this clean and crisp fragrance smells like the freshly fallen snow. Colored with beautiful ethical micas to replicate the dark sky over the hushed snow, this soap is one that can be used year round. The activated charcoal makes the black, a brilliant white swirls with blues to finish off the picture of our snowy landscape coloration. This bar of soap has a unisex fragrance with notes of juniper berry, vetiver, and sandalwood allowing anyone using it to be brought back to the crisp clear nights under the stars when the Norse people would hang their laundry out to dry before the snow fell. Even with the laundry hanging inside the home, some of that snowfall would make its way into the home and into the clothes of the noble Vikings that looted the northern countries. If you didn’t know, Viking wasn't  the name for the Norse people, it was an occupation. So, all Vikings are Norse but not all Norse are Vikings if that helps you remember.

On those clear nights, one can sit under the stars and see the beautiful constellations above. Lyra, the lyre; Perseus and the winking eye of Medusa; Hydra, the huge serpent that stretches across the sky much like Jörmungandr wraps around the world of Midgard; Ursa Major and Minor, the Little Bear holding the North Star in its tail; Cassiopeia and her parents, Andromeda and Cepheus; Draco, the dragon; and so many more look down on the world and shine bright around one single point, the North Star named Polaris. Twinkling in the sky and casting light down onto the crisp powdery snow, the fresh and clean scent of the night is brought into a solid and tangible form with this soap. Glitter stars rest atop this soap to remind us all that we are nothing without the stars to guide us. Daily we see the sun and it guides our way through the day, at night we see the North Star, bringing us home to the North where Valhalla calls to us during battle.



If you’ve been around for a while, Nordic Nights was originally called “White Wolf” after the ferocious and protective creatures of the forest. But with another soap that was called Grey Wolf gaining notoriety as Fenrir, it’s time that the company gave this soap its own identity. Nordic Nights is part of the signature line of soaps at Birds of Valhalla and you can purchase it here. Find yourself on the clear, breezy night under the stars in the evergreen forest with brand new snow dancing around you in tiny whirlwinds through the trunks of the huge trees around you.

There’s something special about this batch of Nordic Nights, though. And the CEO wants to make sure those blues you’re catching from the sunlight being far away that you have something to make these nights a little brighter. This batch of Nordic Nights glows in the dark! When held under lights to “charge” the phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) powder, sections of the bar of soap will glow when put in the dark. It wouldn’t be special if the entire bar glowed, so it was made with one special color that glows. And since all soap bars are different when they’re hand made, you never know how much glow you’ll get. Don’t worry! All the bars of soap will glow when you get them.



And to make this even more monumental, the CEO wants to share some gratitude to those who buy two bars of this soap. Since it’s cold and dry outside, the weather does wonders on faces when people step out into the harshness of the season. Dried out and cracked lips are never a fun time. The management at Birds of Valhalla would like to give you a FREE lip balm when you purchase two bars of Nordic Nights from this link. After all, no one is complete without a lip balm somewhere on their person. Carrying around two or three lip balms is commonplace nowadays and it always helps to be prepared for the day. Cracked lips are painful and chapped lips are annoying to anyone, but especially people who have sensory issues. The best thing about these lip balms made at Birds of Valhalla though… they’re all natural and don’t have ingredients you can’t pronounce. If you look at the labels on those lip balms in your purse or bag that you’ve gotten from the pharmacy or other chain store, you can read them and see that they tend to have some really long words that don’t look anything like they sound when they are spoken. But having a natural lip balm that’s food based and you can pronounce all the ingredients sounds pretty good right? Made with cocoa butter, beeswax, and avocado oil this lip balm is something you could eat. Doesn’t that sound nice?

The bottom line of this post is this: it’s time to upgrade taking care of your skin. With all natural products and awards for being transparent and having so many five star reviews, Birds of Valhalla is a must have when you’re buying your soaps, lotions, lip balms, and other body care essentials. The all natural soap that’s made with food based ingredients, the complex chemical free lip balms that soothe dry lips, and even more products that can be read about in previous posts and in our emails (so you should definitely sign up for them) are bound to lead you to something for everyone in your life. It should probably be noted that you can view the CEO making the soaps by hand on her TikTok lives and watch her content to see the questions she’s answered as well as just watch and see how things are in the soap studio. You might even find discount codes around if you dig. 

It’s time to banish the January Blues away and it is the hope of everyone at Birds of Valhalla that when you receive your two bars of Nordic Night and free lip balm that your blues will vanish as you light up the night with the glow in the dark soap. Go forth and shine on.

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Yall got it all

Catherine Clarke

Yall got it all

Catherine Clarke

Your food based grade products are fantastic! And worth every penny! Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this!

Quentin Graves

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