Shield Maiden


My Mother Told Me… Someday I would buy something to remind me of ancestors long ago.

The stories told from long ago of the women who would charge into battle, faces painted to be menacing and hide from the enemy inspired so many things today. The beliefs that women were mystical and had so much extra power, they protected everything they held dear. The best weapon for protection is one that is never really called a weapon: a shield.


Nordic women were given many responsibilities: brewing mead and ale, financials, and protection of the village to name a few. These shieldmaidens were left to protect the homes while the men went to pillage and plunder in the viking name. The women were never questioned when they had any sort of problem, even being allowed to divorce their husbands if they weren’t satisfied. These protectors of hearth and home were respected and even feared.

Scandinavia is known for many things. One thing in particular is a beautiful red berry: lingonberries. The red berries almost look like tiny cranberries but they aren’t grown in bogs like their counterparts. The fruits have a little bit of a spiced scent to them and are used in many different jams and traditional foods of Scandinavia. With this signature scent, we wanted to pay homage to the shieldmaidens of old with the best traditional fragrance.


Colored with ethical mica powders and activated charcoal, this soap is meant to seem like you’re holding the blood of your enemies in hand as you clean yourself, bathed in the fragrance of apples, lingonberries, clove, cinnamon, balsam fir, lemon, and cedarwood. Shieldmaiden soap is one of our wonderful signature fragrances that comes in our natural soap, solid shampoo, fragrance oil roller, and solid cologne. Shieldmaiden is also one of our best sellers at Birds of Valhalla, so make sure you grab yours to see what the hype is all about.

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This is my go to scent when people ask about your soap

Catherine Clarke

I’m always in awe of BOV products. Debra really has a firm grasp on her scents and mixes. She really cares not only about the customer but the product

Quentin Graves

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